Hotel Bed Linen


  • Flat Sheet
  • Fitted Sheet
  • Pillow Case
  • Duvet Cover

Standard Fabric type
NoCodeFiberNumber of yarns (Thread Count/square inch)color
1COTTON 180T100% Cotton180White Plain
2COTTON 210T100% Cotton210White Plain
3COTTON 250T100% Cotton250White Plain
4COTTON STRIPE 250T100% Cotton250White 1" Stripe
5COTTON 300T100% Cotton300White Plain
6COTTON STRIPE 300T100% Cotton300White 1" Stripe
7CVC 180T50% Cotton 50% Polyester180White Plain

TypeStandard sizeDetail
Flat Sheet3.5 FTSize 74x110 Inch
5 FTSize 92x110 Inch
6 FTSize 110x110 Inch
7 FTSize 110x130 Inch
Fitted Sheet3.5 FTSize 42x78 Inch (With 10 Inch Thick Mattress)
5 FTSize 60x78 Inch (With 10 Inch Thick Mattress)
6 FTSize 72x78 Inch (With 12 Inch Thick Mattress)
7 FTSize 84x78 Inch (With 12 Inch Thick Mattress)
Pillow CaseGeneral Standard sizeSize 20x30 Inch (With 6 Inch Flap)
Duvet Cover3.5 FTSize 70x90 Inch (With 12 Inch Flap)
5 FTSize 90x90 Inch (With 12 Inch Flap)
6 FTSize 100x90 Inch (With 14 Inch Flap)
7 FTSize 110x100 Inch (With 14 Inch Flap)

Note .  The size and weight can be adjusted and customized by customers and requirements